[Bug-12042] Perspective Project Missing From Launcher

I recently updated and it seems that Perspective projects are missing from the web launcher area.

I expected to see the projects in the Perspective launcher area as they were there previous to this upgrade.

Gateway Backup
Stop Ignition
Updated my install as per README.txt
Start Ignition
Setup Ignition
Restore from Gateway Backup

Ignition 8.0.0-beta0 (b2018121302)

Please see attached photos. Project shows in project list but not in launch area. Project also shows in Designer

This should be fixed within the next few nightlies - there’s a fix for it waiting to be merged.

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This issue was fixed in the build that was uploaded on 12/18. Please let us know if you continue to see this behavior after upgrading.

I am using Ignition 8.0.6 , and have created and been able to connect to the perspective client via phone and browser on PC. On multiple occassions however , I have asked other colleagues to connect and test the client. After reaching the gateway, they are not able to see a project. At the same time however, I am able to access the client. Not sure if I am doing something incorrectly

The blank screen usually means they aren’t using a modern browser: Firefox, Edge, Safari, Chrome. Or an old version of those. Up-to-date HTML5 support is required. It’d be nice if the Perspective datasheet was updated to include the earliest known good versions of those browsers. And similarly for Android and iOS.

This may pertain to the web browser instance. What about the perspective app and its inability to show projects

The Perspective App on Android and iOS wraps the platform browser. Old versions of Android and iOS don’t have new enough browsers.