[Bug-15438, 15439] Tags get null value randomly when bind to params of embedded view

When I bind a tag to an embedded view params, the tag value get randomly get null value. It happen when gateway reach end of 2 hours trial mode or restarting or saving the view containing the embedded view with bind tag to its params.
My best guess it because the bug of persistent option of binding.
I see this behavior on both 8.0.3 and 8.06 rc1.
I should be mention this bug only valid for params of embedded view and binding tag to other props of any component works just fine.


I was able to replicate the issue. The problem seems to arise when tag bindings are bound bidirectionally to embedded view parameters if the parameters are contained within an object or array. Until this gets fixed, you may want to extract any view params that you’d like to be bidirectional into individual value keys which won’t have the same problem.

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Hi Alex
Yes you’re right about bidirectional but I also see this problem very randomly even binding them by individual value keys and get my tag value null. Specially when saving view, restarting. I know replicating this very hard and time consuming but please also consider this to fix.


I can’t reproduce the behavior you’re mentioning with individual value key bindings when saving/restarting but I believe it’s related to the same bug. If you want to send in a project and tag export demonstrating this, that’d be helpful in making sure that it gets addressed with the fix.

Here is my embedded view.
MyHome_2019-11-14_0801.zip (6.2 KB)
if I bind any thing to SW1_Cmd(in/out params) the binded tag will get null after save or restarting gateway. This is specially when I get Black screen in designer and get timeout.

Thanks for the export but I’m still unable to replicate the issue you’re seeing. I did see the designer timeout behavior you described in my testing of another related bug which was the result of a bidirectional binding stuck in a constant write loop. I believe what you’re seeing is a combination of these two bugs so we’ll keep an eye on it when they’re fixed.

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Both of the bugs I mentioned should be fixed in the next v8.0.8 nightly.

The null write issue that you’re seeing is most likely being caused by an irrelevant binding hidden under a different prop type (ie. child of an object vs array). While the fix in Bug-15438 will prevent these irrelevant bindings in the future by detecting and prompting their removal on type switch, any existing bindings with this issue will need to be addressed manually. You should be able to quickly identify these by copying your embedded view components into a text editor and removing the problematic bindings.


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