[Bug-16155]Slider Handle Offset From Cursor In Flex Popup

Sure. Here is the view, I drew a red line to show the gap between the pointer and the slider’s dot:


Here is the view.json:
view.json (10.4 KB)

Here is the layout:




It only seems to happen if I place the slider in a Flex container, when I place one in a coordinate container it appears to be normal.

I moved this into a new thread as this is a special case of a closed issue. I’ve opened a new ticket to address this scenario.

After the upgrade, I noticed a new feature of some sort. I don’t see any documentation on it and I don’t recall seeing it in 8.0.3:


Does this ‘crosshair’ (for lack of a better term) have something to do with the touch interface placement for the object? Possibly related to this issue, since it doesn’t seem to show up in Flex containers but only coordinate containers?

That “crosshair” is the anchor used for component rotation, which is only available in Coordinate Containers.

Ahh, I see. Probably unrelated then. Thanks.