[BUG-16270] Component Names Not Allowing Hyphens

In the vision module, if you create a new component that already has a hyphen ("-") in the default component name, the designer allows it (“2-State Toggle”, etc). But if you then try to change the name of the component to anything that still includes the hyphen it causes an error (example: changing to “2-State Toggle Test” is not allowed). So either hyphens should be allowed and the error is the bug, or hyphens should NOT be allowed and the bug is that the default component names have hyphens. Based on this topic it sounds like they should be allowed.

We’re running 8.0.10, with the designer running on a Mac.

Oof. That’s…a bit embarrassing. I filed a ticket.


Well that was a Perspective topic and this is a Vision issue. Personally, I strongly disagree with allowing hyphens, for the reason noted in that thread. Y’all are boxing out any possibility of tight jython or json integration with the component model (in either Perspective or Vision).

Yeah, but the 2-state toggle button has been dropping into Vision with an invalid name since 2014. We’ll probably just update that so it’s no longer using hyphens.

Fixed in 8.0.15.

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I see in the change log it calls out the “2-State Toggle” button specifically. Does this also fix the issue with the 3 other hyphenated components?

…Of course. I definitely didn’t just read 2-State toggle button on this thread and not think to actually check other components. Certainly not.

Joking aside, unfortunate timing means that the other component fixes will go into 8.0.16, not 8.0.15, but they’ll also be fixed.


Haha I figured it had to be something like that, but just wanted to check! Thanks Paul!