[bug-1667]Power Chart Caching Issue

I have a situation with the Power Chart where it appears to be caching the initial tag list and not showing newly added tags.

Here’s the scenario.

  1. Add a Power Chart control to a view
  2. Set the config > tagBrowserStartPath to histprov:[history provider]:/drv:[system name]:[tag provider]
  3. Launch the new view. The “Browse Tags” tree view displays the list of tags, as expected
  4. Add a new tag to the provider being referenced in the tagBrowserStartPath
  5. Come back to the new view. The “Browse Tags” tree view does not display the newly added tag. I have tried both the refresh button on the Power Chart as well as a manual browser refresh (F5).
  6. Back in the project, clear the config > tagBrowserStartPath Power Chart property.
  7. Back in the browser, go to the new view and drill into the Power Chart tag tree to the same provider initially used.
  8. The new tag is now visible and will remain visible even after re-applying the initial tagBrowserStartPath value, as you would expect.

To me, this feels like the initial filtered result is being cached, and the only method that I’ve found to invalidate it is outlined in steps 6-8.

Any feedback appreciated.

Would like to see a resolution for this as well.

I just followed the request back to a method inside of the tag history files where we’re clearly caching results when we provide a start path. Thanks for reporting; I will open a ticket.

You bet. Thanks Joshua.

Is this still a known issue? I am having trouble with this now as well.

What version are you running on? This has been fixed but I can’t see which version in the release notes.

This hasn’t been fixed. It looks like for a workaround, you could try setting the start path to null, then your same path again - that should ‘bust’ the cache the tag historian is keeping.

My bad, I’m not encountering it anymore for some reason.

While it was not noted in the release notes, I believe this was addressed in 8.1.3. That’s when we noticed that our ‘workaround’ was no longer needed anyway.

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@PGriffith Just tried this again on 8.1.9 and it seems to be working correctly.

Huh; maybe it was fixed incidentally. All I can tell is the original bug ticket is still open in our system, and there’s no indication it should have been fixed in the meantime.