[BUG-3333] Perspective Designer: tag write occurring when Designer is in Read-Only mode

Within designer, Mode set to Read Only.
I have a numeric input object embedded into a perspective view.
During read only mode I am able to click on the parameter bound to the value and modify it.
This writes down to the PLC.
The binding is a standard tag binding with no scripts.

Can anyone explain why this write is allowed?

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I’ll check with someone on the Perspective team to be sure, but it sounds like this is just not covered by the “Read Only” mode in the designer, which is just a client-side / front-end protection.

I’m guessing the issue is whether the parameter change should be considered a write action or a configuration change. The fact the binding evaluates and the tag changes all happens on the backend, which isn’t protected by the “Read Only” design mode.

Okay it seems this is something of a known issue in Perspective that will be addressed in the future.

Hi Kevin,

Do you know when? this is a big issue and it shut down a processing facility we were commissioning because of this.

No, there’s no timeline on the ticket. I’ll leave a note on there and maybe the PO will bump the priority.

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We’ve has sites shut in a couple times for this issue. An other overrides to make designer not write tags?

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This sounds like a pretty major issue tbh, as we rely on read only meaning read only. If it doesn’t mean that then it could cause significant onsite issues as already been posted, with the possibility of production losses