[Bug-338, 951]Perspective - Horizontal menu issue

I have updated to 8.0.16, since we did I got Component Error on horizontal menu

“Cannot destructure property ‘scrollLeft’ of ‘this.HORIZONTAL_MENU_ELEMENT_REF.current’ as it is null.”

I have 1 item at level 0 and 3 items in that item[0]

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Thanks for reporting. We just logged this bug yesterday and will have a fix available soon.

@luc.martin, if possible, can you send me a DM with an export of the view that is causing this behavior? It would be helpful to recreate the bug.

Sorry, what do you mean by DM ?

What I know is the bug is only on menu items with subitems, items with target works well

Sorry; direct message. You can upload the exported view and I can take a look at it. From a quick test, I wasn’t able to replicate the issue.

I have the same issue after upgrading to 8.0.16, the entire component errors out after you click an item with sub menus.

For anyone experiencing this issue:
How are you using the Horizontal Menu within the page? Is the Horizontal Menu within a Docked View? Is it within a Popup?

For me I use a dock view, my docked view is a breakpoint container, in that container I have a small and large view and my issue is with my small view, my horizontal menu have only 1 item (button) and that button have 3 subitems with target.

We have it in a docked view, have tried both flex and column containers.

Thank you. This (Docked Views) was the only way I encountered it, but we wanted to make sure there were not other occurrences/triggers we were not aware of. We are currently working on a fix for this and should have the fix included as part of 8.1.0.

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Is this fix in any of the nightlies or is there a work around? I’m working on a project that is using this heavily and it is causing big issues since so many of the menu’s don’t work. I’d like to be able to demo this product for the customer but can’t since this is broken.

The ticket does show as being included in 8.1.0, though it does not declare which RC.

It looks like this specific bug is fixed, however there seems to be another issue.

When the menu is in a flex container in a dock, when the menu is triggered other items in the dock disappear.

Before triggering the dropdown menu

After triggering the dropdown menu

The sign-in and dropdown components are hidden.

If I click back on the menu then menu dropdown goes away, however the other component never come back.

I have to click on a different view to get it to come back.

Here is an example of what I’m referencing.

Oh, you’re right. It looks to be a result of rendering the menu as a modal when in a Docked View; we’re actually removing the menu from its container when we do that which is resulting in the siblings “after” the menu shifting to underneath the displayed modal, then shifting back when the modal is closed and the menu is re-inserted. You can see this by inspecting the sibling components while the menu is expanded.

Components “before” the menu are unaffected. I’ve opened a ticket to get this fixed, but it’s not likely for 8.1.0. 8.1.1 is a better bet.

OK that’s fine. I just wanted to make sure you guys were aware of it. At least the menu is working in a dropdown fashion now.

hi has this fix been included in 8.0.17 as I’ve just upgraded from 8.0.15 and encountered it?

The bug exhibiting as the Horizontal Menu “disappearing” was just fixed yesterday for version 8.1.2. It should be present in the 8.1.2 Nightly build, but not in anything before that. The bug exhibiting as sibling components “disappearing” has NOT been resolved.

@cmallonee Is there a way to fix this issue without updating to 8.1.2? (A work around or patch)

I wanted to share that I found a work around to the bug for the sibling component “disappearing”. You can wrap the horizontal container in a container (I used a flex container), and then even if the sibling component is after the menu it still displays.