[BUG-3422] Nuisance collapsing expanded containers in project browser ignition 8 designer 1.1.0

The project browser collapses containers I had expanded for editing when I finish a rename:

I am using flex containers in perspective.
Inside these I have more flex containers.
Inside those, I have flex containers.
Inside those I have three different labels.

There around 60 of these sets of 3.

For each and every one of these labels, when I update the name to keep the project browser organized, the project browser reverts from letting me see the objects I am editing, to showing me perspective view with all the relevant expanded flex containers collapsed.

This isn’t going to be the last time that I enter in all of these kinds of edits for so many machines.

I am using designer 1.1.0 in Ignition 8

edit, it also applies to when I rename a flex container as well haha

I am able to save time if select the object in the preview rather than using the project browser that is collapsing. I forgot I could do that. Wish I could edit them from the browser though.

I think if the tags and names were simpler, I might have been able to construct these in a faster ways.

This is still an issue in 8.1.5. Very frustrating.


And another one… If you’re wondering why I have mouse trails on, I have a 27" 4K monitor set to 100% scaling and I was losing my cursor… 27" isn’t the best size for 4K :confused:

At the start, the last item I was trying to select was already selected on the View. The tree only collapses if the component isn’t already selected on the View and you go to select it from the project tree. So I had to first unselect the component in the View.

And still in 8.1.7 @PGriffith can you check if this is in your system and when it’s likely to be fixed? It’s extremely frustrating when trying to name components logically… so much so that sometimes I just don’t :confused:

I’m not on the Perspective team, but I filed (possibly a duplicate) ticket to get this in front of them for attention.


Awesome, thanks! :slight_smile: Who would be a better person to ping for Perspective in the future?

Thanks for posting more and making the videos

I am bumping into this more and more as I do things as well.

Some I can work around, and some I can’t.

Also, thanks PGriffith and team

Jokes aside, it’s going to be hard to give a definitive answer that doesn’t throw somebody under the bus, so, I think the general strategy of ‘keep the threads about really annoying issues alive by continually bumping them until someone from IA notices’ is a decent one :wink:
A support ticket also isn’t a bad path to getting an actual ticket filed.