[BUG-3422] project browser randomly collapses

1. The behavior you unexpectedly encountered
project browser randomly collapses

2. The behavior you were expecting to see
project browser does not collapse

3. A list of the steps you took that exposed the issue
it happens randomly but mainly on save, and if 2 project windows are open

• What operating system are you using?
• What version of ignition is this?

Windows 11 also happens on Windows 10
Ignition Platform 8.1.17 (b2022051210)

it also happens with 2 windows open and im trying to double click a object to open it from the project browser

its not random its every time any object from the project browser is double clicked to view when there are 2 project designers open.

or when you attempt to 'deep select' a object when 2 designers are open

Linking the other thread you found:

I think it's better now. Not perfect, but I don't pull my hair off as much anymore.
See if you can update to a more recent version.

better? it shouldn't happen ever there is no excuse for this. as far as i can tell this is on of the oldest bugs

Feel free to use something else for you scada needs then. No ? Eh.

Your frustration is understandable, but if it makes you feel any better, IA does log most of their big fixes, so at least we know they're not idle when it comes to this sort of thing. Some how or another, this one simply has not yet topped the priority list:
2021 Change Logs
2022 Change Logs
2023 Change Logs

Steps to replicate are the most important thing anyone can give us. We've tried replicating this internally, and never had much luck. Obviously it affects some customers more than others, so finding out what's distinct about your environment/workflow would be very valuable.

We did fix some issues we found in a related area in 8.1.23; that may be why @pascal.fragnoud finds this less of a problem now, and I would agree with the suggestion to upgrade.


FWIW, I'm running test environments on three different systems, and I'm not seeing this on any of them. I'm presently testing on 8.1.26 in a windows 10 environment running on a PC and a windows 10 virtual machine environment that is running on a Mac.

I can reasonably consistently recreate it by opening 2 designers for the same project the first designer is always the broken one also almost always when i save changes on either one

Dude, you aren't on the latest version. Recreating it consistently on v8.1.17 is useless when it can't be recreated on the latest. Try the latest and report back. (IA won't be so blunt, but it's true all the same.)