Nightly 8.1 Changelogs - 2022

This post contains changelog entries for nightly builds available in 2022

Nightly Changelog: 8.1.14-b20220104


3114: Reporting Property Inspector tooltip background/fill incomplete
Tooltips in Reporting property tables now render properly.

4018: Disabled named queries should be listed with disabled icon in path selection tree
Updated the Named Query disabled icon in the Project Browser and query selector dialogs.

3195: Spinner: If the spinner is set to Date mode, it won’t change to another mode until the window is closed and reopened
The Vision Spinner component now properly switches to and from Date Mode.

Nightly Changelog: 8.1.14-b20220105


563: Dashed line does not appear dashed in report pdf
Dashed lines no longer show as solid in Reporting PDFs.

3331: Add refresh capability to File Explorer component
Added a right-click context menu to the Vision File Explorer with a refresh option.

1758: Data Sources In Key Browser Have No Discernible Order
Ordering of report parameters and data source keys in Key Browser now match the Data tab.

2946: Alarm status table’s footer properties aren’t reloaded after changing notes area properties
Alarm status table maintains footer display settings as note area properties are changed.

2861: The Status Chart component does not sort Series Data alphanumerically in Tall format
Status chart y-axis is sorted alphanumerically when using string values in tall mode.

Nightly Changelog: 8.1.14-b20220106


4898: Report Simple Table: NPE when adding row/column between merged cell (recurrence of IGN-1509)
No longer throwing an exception when adding a row or column after a merged cell in the Reporting simple table component.

4367: Double click to open table customizer on power table
Double clicking on a Power Table now opens the table customizer.

5190: Feature to change alignment on Alarm Journal and Alarm Status Table header
Added the ability to change the alignment of the Alarm Journal and Alarm Status table components.

5105: Feature to change font on Alarm Journal Table headers
Added the ability to change the font of the Alarm Journal table.

2909: Thumbnails in Image Browser do not scale properly
Thumbnails shown in the Image Browser now scale appropriately.

4205: Popup calendar component style regression
The Vision Popup Calendar drop down button consistently displays the appropriate LaF.

1379: Scrollbar width can not be set unless Touchscreen Mode is enabled for Vision project
Scrollbar width can now be set on Vision client startup when touchscreen is enabled/disabled.

Data Model

5361: Colors cannot be stored in dataset tags anymore
Colors can now be stored in Datasets again with additional functionality to add colors to datasets via the UI.

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Nightly Changelog: 8.1.14-b20220107


5354: Histogram metric serializer divide-by-zero arithmetic exception
Prevent divide by zero exception in histogram metric that is causing metric dashboard to display not available metrics.

2893: NPE, redraw issues when pie chart with SQL data binding uses ‘By Row’ extract order
Binding Vision Pie Chart data with a SQL query while using By Row extract order no longer throws an NPE.

4952: Fix XY Chart position problems when rotating labels
XYChart properties, add axis label vertical and horizontal centering, allow advanced free form configuration that allows additional properties. See docs.

3482: Status bar gateway icon (lower right) should open gateway web UI when clicked
Clicking on the Gateway icon in the Designer status bar now opens the connected Gateway in a browser.


3609: Designer Launcher incorrectly reports “incompatible version” when gateway hasn’t been commissioned
The Designer Launcher now properly shows when a Gateway needs to be commissioned.

Nightly Changelog: 8.1.14-b20220110


5123: Shelved Alarms are not handled correctly when switching between Backup/Master in a redundant setup
Alarm shelf did not stay synchronized between redundant nodes under certain conditions. Also fixed a ConcurrentModificationException when opening the alarm shelf on a client.


877: On the Schedule Management component in Vision, have the Schedule layout match the Week layout when adjusting/adding a schedule
The layout of the Schedule Management component now matches the first day of the week given the local timezone in a Vision Client.

2923: Calendar component shows wrong date for Today if left open overnight
The Vision Week and Month View component calendars now consistently update the current date when left open overnight.

4132: Polling Rate on SQL binding enabled by default when default option is Off
The polling rate input for SQL and Named Query bindings properly defaults to “off.”

2565: User Management component - Uncommitted contact info entry will be carried across edited users
The User Management component no longer shows uncommitted changes when editing multiple users.

3113: Vision Radio Button “Fill Background” Doesn’t Take Effect Immediately
Changing the Fill Background property of a Vision Radio Button now takes effect immediately.

2807: Create color properties for the Roster Management component
Now exposing color properties for the Vision Roster Management component.

5364: Alarm Status Table, failed to query alarms as result of SimpleDateFormat index out of bounds exception
Resolve issue where alarm tables were failing to query alarms due to an index out of bounds exception being thrown, originating from use of non-thread safe date formatter. Possibly resolves reports of intermittent inaccuracies with alarm event activeTime being observed in the alarm table.

3935: ClassNotFoundException when pasting a 0R0C dataset into dataset viewer
Pasting an empty dataset into the Dataset Editor no longer throws a ClassNotFoundException.


4882: system.util.invokeAsynchronous intellihint is missing a return value description
The documentation for the scripting function invokeAsynchronous has been updated to reflect a proper return type.

Data Model

5117: Using polling runScript expressions in transition blocks results in ExecutionQueue errors and GatewayScriptFunction warnings
Fixed a race condition which would cause “Timer already cancelled” errors to occur when SFCs execute runScript expressions.

4126: system.tag.queryTagDensity intellihint description is misleading
Clarified description for system.tag.queryTagDensity scripting function.


5284: Internal IDP hostname comparison should be case-insensitive
Fixed an issue where IdP login from a vision client, designer, or perspective mobile app could throw a 500 internal server error if the gateway URL scheme or hostname is configured with non-lowercase characters.

Nightly Changelog: 8.1.14-b20220113


5314: Logix driver request accumulation and delays
Prevent the accumulation of Requests and long delays before execution while the driver is not connected. This had impacts on memory usages and read/write timeouts from scripting.

Nightly Changelog: 8.1.15-b20220121

Data Model

5336: Add License State to system tags
Added system tag to monitor the platform’s license state.


3950: Add Device name on Modbus Address Mapping page
Modbus address config page now includes the device name in the page header.

Nightly Changelog: 8.1.15-b20220124


2532: Dragging a tag onto an easy chart does not use the tag’s engineering unit’s for the axis name
Dropping a tag onto an Easy Chart will use the tag’s engineering units when creating the axis.

4020: Some Bar Chart and Gantt Chart properties are missing descriptions
Added missing property descriptions for Vision components.

3903: Typo in tooltip key for Fullscreen and Workstation mode action delegates
Fixed various UI tooltips in Perspective.

5309: Dropdown: Active state is still toggled when the component is disabled
Disabling a Dropdown Component when the dropdown is active will no longer result in the dropdown becoming unusable when it becomes no longer disabled.

4856: Perspective One shot Button with ‘Confirm’ enabled can cause infinite loop when Pressed at certain Zoom levels