[Bug-3518] Perspective Time Series Chart Error when changing tag source while pan zoom

We have a dashboard that allows the user to look at flow stops. By default the conveyor with the longest flow stop time is shown. However, by clicking on the on each conveyor, the source tag on the time series is changed.

This works when the chart is at default zoom or when a zoom has been done and returned to full view. But, when changing the source tag when the chart is zoomed in, a component error occurs.

So the questions are:

  1. Is this a bug or know issue?
  2. via scripting, do we have an option to remove any pan zoom level to prevent this error?

What I’m thinking is if we can remove the zoom in before changing the tag source it may prevent this.

Normal View

Zoomed In

Error When Selecting Different Tag Source while zoomed in



I have the same problem. Did you solve it?

@mojoeswa for now they have noted that it is a problem but have not yet provided any solution other than making sure you zoom out before changing the source data.



hi, any update on this problem?
I got the same problem, when i go in the view for the 1st time it works, but if i go back to select an other source the error shows up ,
error in the browser console :

I used a query to get the dataset order correctly, then I added a dataset.sort to make sure.

update : The problem was caused by the previous dataset in the view parameter. I cleaned when leaving, and it worked