[Bug-5869] Popup Resize Broken in 8.1.16

It seems that the content of popups do not resize since 8.1.16. Most of our popups are flex containers, with their content responsive to the size.

Since 8.1.16, the content only resizes if the popup was called with size information present. This applies to the native popup action and scripted popup called.

The results appear as follows:

This project demonstrates the bug:
PopupTest_20220503101014.zip (14.0 KB)


This is currently a known bug on our end that occurs in 8.1.16. We have an internal ticket created for this. Thank you for keeping us aware and for sharing the project.

The workaround is to set the popup’s Width/Height size to any value besides Auto.

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Is there a timeframe for a fix for this issue?

This issue was fixed as part of 8.1.19

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