[BUG-784]Change treeview node selected background color and image

I would like to know how i can change the background color of the selected node of a treeview. i have provided a value for the “selectedBackground” color property in the Items dataset of the treeview but still get the default selectedBackgorund color (the light blue one) instead of the provided color. So how can i change the background color?

Also i will like to change the node’s icon when it is open. But not event is fired when opening or closing a node (i couldn’t see any). i can specified a default icon and a selected one through the Items dataset but there is no property (column) to specified one for when the node is open. So any idea of how to achieved that?

for info i am working with ignition 8.0.5

I will be thankful for your help


I got the same issue. I have got Ignition V8.1 RC1 installed so the issues is still in there. Does somebody have a solution for this? Otherwise I will create a support ticket.

Hello WMars,
i still have no solution for that issue. So it will be great if you can open a ticket for that issue with the hope that a solution will be given soon.

i’m having the same issue, have you find a way to solve this?

Hello, from my side, no solution so far

Same behavior in 8.1.5, Any Updates with later versions.

This is fixed in 8.1.19.