[Bug] Perspective embedded views bidirectional bindings writing default values to tags when view is opened

Occasionally when I open a view in the designer all the embedded views with bidirectional tag bindings will be reset to the default values (0 in my case). The only thing I've been able to find about this issue is a change log from Oct 2021 saying that this was a problem that was happening and it was fixed.

Link to changelog post: Nightly 8.1 Changelogs - 2021 - #171 by sreis

I am posting partly to bring up that this is still a problem, but I am also wondering if anyone else has experienced this and might've found a temporary workaround.

Here is an example of one place in my project I experienced this problem. That is a flex container where each line (besides the label) is an instance of the same embedded view, and all the values were reset to zero when I opened the view in the designer.
Embedded View Example

What version are you in?
I think I do remember that bug :confused: it wasn't great!

Should that be Oct 2021?

In the view definition of the embedded view instances, is the tag binding on an input/output parameter (as opposed to the component in the view)?

If so, 8.1.22 includes some fixes that may address the behavior you're seeing here. It was just released - if that didn't fix it we would recommend you contact support. (If you can't upgrade soon, one potential setting that may reduce the odds of this occurring would be the loading > order prop on the Embedded View component: changing it to "with-parent".)

yes, 2021. Just edited my original post.

Changing the loading order to with-parent seems to fix it, but I am going to try updating to 8.1.22 so I don't have to change that everywhere on my project if possible.

Sorry for the late response, I am not currently able to work on this project every day. I updated to 8.1.22 and am still having the issue. I am going to switch everything to with-parent for now, but it is a relatively large project so that will be pretty inconvenient. I would definitely appreciate it if someone could look into this issue and try to resolve it going forward.

edit: I am working on this project remotely through a VPN, so it's possible the issue is latency related.

We just identified the root cause of this issue (we're pretty sure) - it has to go through QA review, but it could get into 8.1.23.