Can I export factorytalk view global objects to ignition templates?

¿Hay manera de que los global objects de factorytalk view, se puedan exportar a templates en ignition?

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Translated with google:
"Is there a way that factorytalk view global objects can be exported to ignition templates?"

The short answer is no. You'll need to recreate these yourself.

The longer answer is, you could potentially export the ftview global objects to XML and then write a script to process this and create JSON to create Perspective Views for each object, but it will likely be more work than its worth, with the results being suboptimal.
Converting to Vision Templates via script is more or less impossible / a LOT of work


This could work, assuming that the display doesn’t have objects that Rockwell in their infinite wisdom decided to serialize into some encrypted nonsense that isn’t exportable. (In some instances even into FTView itself, e.g bitmap objects and VBA scripts).

Animations would have to be converted to various expressions that wouldn’t be 1:1 or even compatible, tags would need to be converted to the corrects paths, and if you had HMI tags instead of direct reference you would also need to have a tag export so that you could look up the tag path.

It isn’t worth the effort. I’m having nightmares just thinking about it.

Yes, maybe I under-exaggerated the complexity of it, but it is significant especially compared to just creating them all manually to actually suit Ignition. Most of the time you wouldn't just want to convert another platform's components into Ignition regardless of whether you can or not. Since the sub-optimal way the other platform does it will become blatantly obvious if you did it the same way in Ignition.


The OP may have some interest in Flintium