Cannot WRITE to MS Access Database

I have an ms access database, following the steps here, using UCanAccess as the driver.

Updates & inserts to this database do not work, but selects do.

The problem has been brought up multiple times, but no solutions are posted.

Can anyone help to resolve this?

maybe can you share the error details?

anyway, not sure if you have checked this, I had similar issue with MSSQL
In recent Ignition version (7.8 or 7.9 can’t remember), they added a setting under “Project Properties”.

You need to allow permision for “Datasource Management” in order for a particular user to do database edit (updates, insertes, etc.)

Hey @Rendi.Yohanes, thanks for your input.

There are no errors. Calling an update function when the access file is opened or when it is closed appears to work, because select queries following it return the updated values; however, closing and reopening the ms access file seems to wipe out any changes that were made using ucanaccess as the driver.

I have verified that there is not some weird permission issue for this ms access file, by using pyodbc to write to the file. pyodbc can successfully make changes to the file, but it is not available in Jython and I had to run it in Python 3 on my box.

Does anyone have suggestions on what to try next?

Any movement on this?

Try looking in the gateway logs for any loggers added by the JDBC driver - it’s possible it’s reporting some error condition. You can also try setting the gateway.database.updates logger to TRACE (warning, this will throw a lot of events into the logs) to see the exact SQL queries being issued out of Ignition. You can then verify there’s not just some syntax error occurring on updates.

Ultimately, though, you’re pretty much on untreaded ground - we don’t guarantee support with other databases outside of basic JDBC driver compliance - it seems like it should work based on skimming their website, but tracking down the actual problem may be difficult.