Can't Display webpage on InlineFrame

I am using an Inline Frame to try and display a cameras live view. When I copy the desired URL into the src property I get a "refuse to connect" in the Inline Frame. I am able to open the page, in a new tab, if I set the target of a button to the same URL. Not sure why I am getting this error.

If it works in its own page but not in an iframe, it might be an CSP/X-frame issue with the camera server.

See this similar topic:

EDIT: Not CORS, sorry, that's something different

I am currently working with a Cognex In-Sight 9000 Camera and trying to get the HMI to be displayed through an IFrame component in Perspective. Whenever I fill in the src prop with the correct path, I get this.

Does anyone know of anyway to make this work?
Or if there is any other way to display this HMI, with another perspective component or workaround?

Any information would be helpful.

Does the URL work fine in a browser? If so, maybe it's related to this:

EDIT: Oh, I realized you posted before with a similar sounding issue:

Is this the same problem as back then? If it is, you can (and should, as multiple posting on the same subject is against the rules) bump that thread instead of posting a new one if you're still having issues with it.

Yeah, it is still the same issue.

I have also seen that thread before, but I was hoping that someone has found a solution since it was posted.

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In that case, I definitely recommend you bump the old thread instead with additional info, something like "I read that linked thread but [we're not allowed to set up a proxy/we tried to set up a proxy and it didn't work/some other issue] so I was hoping for a different workaround."

You can start from the browser console where this isn't working. There might be some kind of a clearer indication of what the problem is.

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