Can't export/import empty tag folder

Ignition 8.1.13

Weird use case, but…

  1. Create an empty tag folder named ‘PlaceHolder’
  2. Export just it to ‘PlaceHolder.json’
  3. Delete the tag folder.
  4. Import ‘PlaceHolder.json’
  5. The original folder ‘PlaceHolder’ is not recreated


Actually it looks like it imports the original folder under the UDT tab… which is probably “more wrong”.

Where was the focus in the tag tree when you began the import?

‘Tags’ tab active, right click top left area of of ‘Tag’ column.

Hi Just wanted to jump on this.

I have been playing with some proof of concept Tag structures In ignition and have come across the same issue. All folders are empty, and it was set up in ignition designer with great success.

My structure looks a bit like this
Empty Folder Structure

Now I wanted to expand it significantly and am lazy, so I.

  1. Exported the Site folder to a Json
  2. I then made a copy of that for editing -
  3. Tried to import edited document- no success
  4. Tried to import the original document (I deleted the original from ignition)- no success
  5. Wondered if it was a root level issue so instead tried to export just the Area folder, and renamed to AREA 2 - no success
  6. Ended up on this forum

The issue I am having returns the following error
error message

To be clear there are no UDT’s in play - not even a tag involved - this is just empty folders
As per previous post - I also get a new UDT which matches my tag structure …say what!
please note the UDT is only created when I have focus nowhere on the tag browser- then use the top right drop down import to root Function, else nothing happens at all (except the error)

EDIT: you can copy said UDT folder structure out of the UDT area into the tag browser, so if you are manipulating folders only this may get you out of dodge.

I have tired having the focus in the tag browser

  1. On the root folder
  2. On a sub folder
  3. On a sub sub folder
  4. Nowhere on the tag browser- then use the top right drop down import to root Function.

Luckily for me this is proof of concept - but it is a problem will hurt when I finalize the directory and want to back it up. I am also wondering what happens to any pre made empty folders on a full (working) tag tree backup.

If I have one empty folder nested somewhere on an entire project… what happens if I try to import it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I reckon there’s already a bug reported for this - I’ve seen this before as well where empty folders simply aren’t imported/created including when pasting JSON.

Found it: