Can't select input fields on a popup

I am using one of the Perspective templates. I have created a popup view which is opened by clicking a button on one of the pages. When I try to edit any of the test or numeric entry fields I cannot properly select them. If I click on one the horizontal line for the cursor and the up/down inputs show up but only as long as I am holding the mouse down. If I try to drag the mouse to highlight characters the whole form moves around. I have placed a numeric entry object directly on a page as a test and I can edit that one, it is just on the popup. The popup view works fine in the designer in Preview mode. I have been looking for security settings that could cause this but can’t find anything.

Popups + Websites + Mobile devices are not a fun combination

I see that you mention clicking, but if you are on a touch screen this will cause some difficulty with moving the popup accidentally. Often times I find in perspective that it is much cleaner to use a docked view instead of a popup. You will typically end up with a much cleaner feel.

This doesn’t really solve your problem within the popup per say, but it is a good way to achieve what you are looking for.

Thank-you. That is a good solution even if not what I was looking for. This app does not run on a mobile device. I use popup on other apps in the past and have not had this issue. Those apps were developed in older versions so I was wondering if this is a glitch or some security feature they added.

The behavior you described is most likely caused due to the size of the Popup.

Click events in Perspective Popups where any part of the Popup is rendered off-screen will be register as a drag Event. This was originally done to prevent a situation where a Popup was designed to be too big for a screen because not providing the drag functionality could easily result in a Popup where the close Icon was not visible - therefore the Popup could never be dismissed.

To resolve your issue, modify the dimensions of your Popup to fit within the your viewport. Or, if the Popup is appropriately sized, make sure it is completely visible within the screen.

Attempting to replicate the issue in the Designer will not recreate the behavior because the View is not behaving as a Popup.

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That was it, ty for responding quickly, especially on a weekend.

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