Capturing Images by Camera in Perspective Module

Hello, Can anyone please give me idea to capture images from perspective module.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by capture images from the perspective module? I'm assuming you're trying to grab a picture from a mobile devices (tablet, cell phone, etc) and display it within Ignition?

In this case you could find the file path of the newly taken image and have perspective reach out into the directory and pull that path into a shared drive. Using the web dev module you could mount that drive and then display the picture within a perspective session.

It sounds like they're trying to request that a device take a picture, but Perspective does not allow for this.

It's up to your mobile device, but sometimes the prompt you get from the file upload component will have an option to directly capture a picture. That's up to your mobile OS, though.

from my understanding it might be possible using

downside is that you will need to create a module to implement it

Actually, I want to open Camera in Perspective session where they can capture images.

Hello cmallonee, Thanks for your reply, basically I just want to ask can we capture images by camera in perspective.

Hello PGriffith, Can we do it for all devices?

There is no general support for local camera access in Perspective. Some mobile OS's will offer camera access as part of a file upload form component. That's all there is.

To display the captured (and uploaded image), your app will need to flow to a view with an image component, and that component's source URL will need to point back to the uploaded image. Perspective doesn't natively offer hosting of such images, but the WebDev module can support it, as can my Blob Server module.

Please share more about your application to get better advice.

In some future version of the mobile app (and the platform, likely) we're planning to have direct camera access. There may also be a future version of Workstation with more access to native device resources.

Until that time, the answer is 'no', you can't guarantee it will directly work for all devices.


We (BIJC) have a module that will capture images from internal (front and rear) and USB cameras, but it doesn't play nicely with the designer environment and won't work with the workbench version, so because of this it has not released.

contact us at and we can see if we can help


Hi, i am not able to import cv2 in ignition.

OpenCV's python support/bindings is only for CPython, not Jython. My Image Streamer module uses OpenCV to read and convert RTSP video streams, and as a side benefit, I worked out how to load OpenCV's java support into Ignition for access in jython. You don't use import cv2.

Did you install my Image Streamer module?

Hello ,

How can we use video player component do display local device camera as live feed?

Do you mean local to the machine at the user's browser? You cannot. Perspective doesn't yet implement any local camera functionality. If you mean local to the gateway, then my module can open local cameras by supplying a local device name instead of a URL, per OpenCV's documentation. (I don't test that functionality.)

Yes Local To different different devices and their user's browsers Camera.

So, no. Not currently supported.

This goes back to my comment here the other day

If the requirement is just to capture an image and save it, then I know that iPhones will support that with the File Upload component

It wont let you interact with the image in real time, but it will let you take the file and do something with it afterwards.

Hello people,

Can't we open a Camera of Tablet when clicked on FileUplaod component? Tablet has Windows OS and it has Camera too.

Depends on the platform and browser. Known to work on iOS. It isn't anything Perspective is doing, it is entirely under the browser's control.

Capturing photos is expected to be a Perspective feature in the future, but only in Mobile app or in Workstation.