Change forum user name?

Is it possible to change ones forum user name? Because the first time i was logged in and went to the forum and it auto created this nickname, which seems not to be changeable in the user settings.

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What do you want it to be? It looks like I have the requisite powers to change it.

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“SKA” or “SKA AB” if the first one is not available to be used.

is there a way I can do this myself or do I need someone with admin rights to make this change?

Do you see a pencil icon on your username in your preferences? If not, then you presumably don’t have permissions.

no, I do not have that pencil icon

What would you like it to be?

hsw1217 if that is unique


thank you!

omg, I just have the same question, if there were a way to change my username, because I created it like my last job email, but it doesn't make sense anymore, and I don't want to create another account, so is there a way you could change my username to "Sheko29" if it's available please :pleading_face:?