Change "header" based on actual page


I would like to have a project advice in perspective.

In the 'page configurations' - 'shared settings', I have configured a generic view ('header') in the 'top' section. Is it possible to load other 'headers' based on the displayed page?

See if Remove View Header gets you on the right track.

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If you mean you want to statically set different docks (assuming that's what you're talking about), follow the link @Transistor provided.

If you mean you want to dynamically load different views in that same dock depending on the current page, you can use the page's properties, and more specifically page.props.primaryView to determine what's the current page, then act accordingly (binding, script, whatever).

Thank you for the responses! I'm doing some tests, but I think both approaches are correct. Probably, in my case, the solution of pascal.fragnoud fits better!