Change Ignition Designer UI font for dyslexics?

we have some dyslexics on our team. we installed the OpenDyslexic fonts over the weekend for their systems and noted that Ignition doesn't use the system default fonts. this is nae gud. how do i change the UI font in designer to help our dyslexic staff?

Probably modifying the file is the best bet...

just to be clear, i'm not worries about the Perspective UI, it's the Designer itself i'm needed to alter. and forgive me if that's what you are indicating... :stuck_out_tongue:

The best approach is to surgically modify the fontconfig in the Gateway's bundled JDK (for whatever target platforms, i.e. jre-win. Tell it to use the OpenDyslexia font (making the assumption that it's been bundled on all our environment's machines) and then you'll need to kick all existing designers/clients to have them download the updated runtime from the gateway, by removing the cached entry in $localuser/.ignition.

@PGriffith so this change would affect ALL Designer instances, not just the ones we need? hm. that's unfortunate. the rest of us don't need the font. and for non-dyslexics, it's actually irritating. no way to make this a local change only? or am i misunderstanding?

EDIT: is there a way to just point it to the system default font instead?

Changing it on the gateway would change it everywhere.

You could also just override locally by doing the same changes, but in the local environment (by directly modifying the cached runtime in $localuser/.ignition).

oh! fantastic! that's the bunny right there. this is great news. thank you all. :+1: this is a new thing for me. i've never come across dyslexic coders (for obvious reasons) so this kind of blindsided me.

We do exist, believe it or not. :wink:

i believe! i believe! :laughing: it just strikes me as a rare thing given what i perceive as a text-based challenge, particularly for a Class 6, which we have here. i think it's amazeballs. :smiley:

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I have (a light form) of dyslexia, doesnt really matter since most programming tools have auto fill/suggest.
Never heard of a font for it though, might take a look into that one

there's two: Dyslexie and OpenDyslexic. the former developed by Henry Winkler (the Fonz), the latter, a consortium of people. the first is pure commercial, the second is donation-ware. from what i can perceive the differences are there, but minimal to my eyes. you may find things my eyes just take for granted.

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uhh juk, it makes it harder to read... which means i have to concentrate more and i guess wont make mistakes

hm i can see this work for coding, but damn i dont want my casual books to look like this xd

not really worth for me, i never had much problems with reading, only writing a bit, so i just have to reread what i write a bunch of times (which is good practice for coding anyways)

(i often dont do this when replying on things on this forum, so my spelling is often off, i dont put in capitals a lot of times... english being my third langague also doesnt make things easier :p)

ya. our hardcore dylexic finds it helpful. our less-so dyslexic is on the fence. apparently Comic Sans is another good one... *shudder*

Sexdaily, I mean dyslexia is great! I don't have either though :joy: (I do love that those letters can be rearranged like that)

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Both of those fonts do actually make it easier for me to read, but like @victordcq I’m not sure they would help with my dysgraphia.

I’m not sure I would like programming in it though. I already have an extensive color coding system set up that helps me identify when I mistype keywords and functions. Doesn’t help for variable names in python unfortunately.

And Comic Sans is a hard pass.

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Take the pledge at

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As long as we're being nerds about typefaces :nerd_face:, there's lots of potentially-more-friendly programmer fonts:


let the nerd flag fly!! :smiley: :nerd_face:

i love Source Code Pro, Fira Code, and Dina. now that i know how to tweak Designer a bit, i'm going to try those out.

how do you get the GitHub banner posts like that?? i've never known how...

Post a link on a line by itself. If the target webserver supports boxing, it'll be boxed automatically.