Change no. of Column in Column Container

I just started in perspective module using 8.01 version. I can’t find the way to change no. of Column in Column Container. did i miss something?

First property should be “columns” as in 8.0. Bug???

Cheers, Sean

Yes, it’s available in 8.0

They removed the option a while back in a nightly. Not sure what the reasoning was.

10657: Lock Column Container to 12 column layout
Locked the column container to 12 columns, to prevent various scaling issues with different column counts.


Not a bug - as @grietveld pointed out, we removed the columns property because supporting dynamic numbers of columns was unwieldy - there were a lot of potential problems caused and fairly minimal gains.

Feel free to post to if you’d like us to take another look at it, but without a lot of community support we’re unlikely to reintroduce this.

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