Change port in gateway(webserver ) port failed

Under webserver in gateway I have change https port from 8043 to 443 and http port from 8080 to 80.
Website write, that 8080 amd 8043 will be termined.
Now either port 443 and 80 not work. Telnet also say sthat port 80 and 443 not open.
I was cutting myself from gateway website.
What can I do?
Thank for any help.

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Look in the wrapper log for details on exactly how it failed. The most common cause when the ports don’t respond at all is when the Ignition service doesn’t have permission to use low-numbered ports. Another common cause is a conflict with another web technology that holds one or both of those ports.

When asking questions like this, it is impossible to offer a precise response if you fail to tell us the operating system and version, the Ignition version, the java version (if before Ignition v8), and details of the solution ideas you’ve already tried.

Thank for help.
Linux does not allow acces for non-root access for low-numbered ports.
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Generally speaking ports under 1024 I think normally require some special permission. 80 is used for web but other ports under 1024 are used internally by the OS hence the reason they want you to be 100% sure before you mess with them.

If you are running a modern version of Linux with SystemD, you can add the following as an override to enable low-number ports without root: