Client Boolean Array Tag is not able to read or bind on the component

I have created a vision client tag with Boolean Array[32]. When I browse a client tag value I could see all the 32 tags, but none of those is editable, meaning I am not able to change the value directly from Tag browser.
Also when I try to bind this tag on Checkbox ‘selected’ property the tag binding shows an overlay.
In component diagnostics, it shows ‘selected : Bad_NotFound’.
When try to read a tag, it returns a ‘none’ value, even though it is set to true or false.
Kindly suggest inputs.!

Also, it is not allowing to write to the tag.
I am using below syntax for writing.
system.tag.writeBlocking(["[client]New Tag[0]"], [“Test”])
getting error {"[Bad(“Tag “[client]New Tag[0]” not found.”)]"}

I seem to have run into the same issue, Were you able to resolve this?