Vision Client Tag Arrays give Tag not found error

I created a Boolean Array Vision Client Tag, but when I try to edit the value in the tag browser I get an Error writing to value: Bad Not Found error. I also get selected: Bad_NotFound if I bind it to vision component (checkbox selected property in this case) or “If function got a null first argument” if i use it in an expression binding. Is there something unique I need to do to use Array tags in Vision Client Scope?

I found a similar post here with no result: Client Boolean Array Tag is not able to read or bind on the component

No, they’re broken right now, I just saw an issue about this in our tracker. I’ll see if I can get it into the next sprint.

Workaround described in the issue: use an expression binding that converts it to a dataset that gets indexed into:

toDataset({[client]Array Tag})[0, 0]

Ok, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. For this project, I’ll just use 4 separate tags.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. Is this still broken? My version is 8.1.15

Looks like the issue is still open, probably didn’t get prioritized because of the easy workaround.

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Any news on this? I wish to write to individual elements of a client array of date tag.

It’s being looked at but I can’t promise any kind of timeline. Maybe 8.1.17 if everything goes smooth, maybe not.


Still having this problem with array & datetime client tags in ignition 8.1.24.

Console output highlighting the problem:
Last DT before tag writing: [Tue Mar 21 02:16:30 PDT 2023]
WriteBlocking result: [Bad("Tag "[client]My_Folder/My_Tag_DT" not found.")]
Tag DT Reader: [[null, Bad_NotFound, Wed Mar 22 11:04:00 PDT 2023 (1679508240351)]]

The tags work properly when previewing in designer but do not work after launching a vision client to test with.