Client Tag Inheritance

According this this post: [BUG] Project inheritance doesn't work with client tags client tag inheritance should be working. However in a test project I’ve got running in 8.0.3 client tag inheritance doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve got one tag setup in the parent project in the Vision Client Tags area, and that tag isn’t showing up in the child project. Is there something I need to enable etc… so get this working?


Hmm, I’m not seeing this on 8.0.3. Are you sure you’ve got the parent project set up? Is there more than one level involved or something?

That being said… Vision Client Tags do not play well with project inheritance right now. It’s very unintuitive.

Okay, so this is what’s going on:

At the time the child project is created, it receives an override copy of all the parent tags. From that point on any modifications to the parent are not seen by the child, because it has its own override copy. You can create, modify, or delete tags in the child, and it’s only affecting the overridden resource. You can’t really revert to or update from the parent.

Vision client tags are basically not compatible with project inheritance right now.

I could be wrong but I believe if you go to the gateway and delete the client tags folder from the child project it will inherit the parent client tags until someone makes a change to child project’s client tags.

Like Kevin said it is not intuitive, so if you have multiple people working on your project it is bound to get overridden pretty easily. I’m not sure if there is anything else that triggers the override.

OK… I deleted the Vision Client Tag folder from the child project and viola the client tags from the parent project have shown up.

So that is a good temporary solution. Kevin I assume that this is on the list of bugs/features to get working?

Yes, but to be perfectly honest it’s not very high priority.


This is a feature that our current software offering for our customers would benefit greatly from. Currently we have our object colors tied to client tags, and the the templates derive their colors from those tags. Moving to 8.0 from 7.9 allows us to have a project that is our global standards, and then just have customization from customer to customer which is awesome. But having to keep two sets of client tags, or doing the alternate hack route, will be a drag eventually.

thanks for your help

How do you delete the vision client tag folder?

Consider using script resources to hold your color schemes. Fully compatible with inheritance on a script-by-script basis.

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Yeah… that might be our next move. But that might cause more issues internally then it would solve in Ignition…


I have the same question: Where can I find the Vision Client Tags folder?

Does anybody know if the issue has been solved in later versions?

Thank you in advance.


I could also use an answer here. I'm reworking our gateway's inheritance structure and this would be very handy.

Where can you find the Vision Client Tag folder?

You should be able to open the child project in the designer, and do this directly from the tag browser:

Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I'm dealing with the same issue described above that the inherited client tags in a parent project are not propagating down to the child projects.

I had the same issues with Gateway Event scripts and was able to solve this by deleting the folder C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\projects[projectName]\ignition\event-script
as described in this thread

Simply deleting the client tags in the child project as suggested leaves me with no client tags, where as I'd like to actually receive the inherited tags from the parent project so that changes in the parent reflect on the child.

I didn't see an obvious location for the "client tags folder" in C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\ at and it sounds like dkhayes117 and m.cornet had the same question.

You are asking for trouble. Don't inherit anything that has "all or nothing" behavior in Ignition's resource system. What you are doing is hobbling any leaf project that needs to hold client-wide state for proper functioning.

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Valid point. I'm working on a dev server with two projects that share the vast majority of their vision windows and said windows need the ability to redirect their scripts to hit different database connections. In project A, once deployed, those databases will be chosen and should never change---but in Project B the database connection may change often during use and such changes need to be on a client basis.

My solution was to have Project A and B inherit from a Core Project with all the windows targeting client tags which A and B would both use, A would just never change the client tags. I see your point and I'm hoping to avoid confusion for future devs, are there other non "all or nothing" resources that might be effective here?

Project events, both Vision client and Gateway.