Client Tags stay stale after connection is restored in Ignition 8.0.14

After upgrading to Ignition 8.0.14, we are experiencing an issue when a remote pc running ignition vision client loses connection and all the tags go stale. However when connection is restored to the client the tags stay red even though they are connected again. They even update and show new data underneath the red overlay. In the designer the tags are fine and show no errors or bad quality.

The only way to get rid of the red over lay is to refresh the client by closing and starting it up again or by pushing update from the designer. This is not ideal because it is meant to be a dashboard display which runs without any user input.

I am not sure this is a bug or a configuration issue on our end. Any help diagnosing the issue would be appreciated.

Most likely a bug. Consider contacting support to open a ticket.

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Yes, we haven’t filed a support ticket, but we also have this issue in 8.0.12. Swapping to another window and back again also resolves it for us (easier than closing and reopening client or pushing an update).

A possible workaround for a dashboard display would be making another copy of your dashboard window and automatically switching between them either periodically, or based on some quality information in the window. I expect the root issue will require a fix from IA.

I also have this issue with Ignition 8.0.14.

Didn’t have it in 8.0.4.

Any updates?

Edit/save of the tag provider also recovers… without having to close/reopen the client.

This is an issue in 8.0.15 as well.

It looks like this is resolved in 8.1: