Compact logix control net to OPC UA adapter

When the post says to "add a Control logix gateway", do they mean that the tags will need to be read into the Control Logix or is there a way to navigate through the gateway to the other devices to pull tags?

That would seem like a lot of traffic on the controlnet, so they mean just whatever is on the control logix will get pulled in right?

Sorry to ask such simple questions. I don't want to make any painful or expensive mistakes.

The link about the connection paths did not work for me.
So I think maybe if I had that, it would make more sense to me.
Just shows me the main support page

Old stuff

Can't read a compact logix control net system

Anyone have a better option than this adapter?

controlnet to OPC UA
450 bytes
5Mb baud rate
Requires setting the tags that are desired to pass through it though.
this link did not work for me
I wanted to see what it said though. It was in one of the similar posts.
Thought maybe I could get a solution there.

A ControlLogix chassis that has an Ethernet/IP module and a ControlNet module is sufficient for Ignition to pass through to anything else on the ControlNet side. You don’t even need a processor in that first chassis, just the two comm modules.

When connecting from Ignition, give the IP address of the Ethernet/IP module. In the connection path, put 1 CC 2 NN 1 PP, where “CC” is the slot of the controlnet module paired with that Ethernet/IP module, “NN” is the ControlNet node of the target, and “PP” is the processor slot number in the target.

Thanks very much