Component Scripting Window Default Size

Hello Ignition Forums,

I was wondering if it's possible to change the default popup size of the component scripting window.

When I do ctrl J to quickly open a scripting window on a component my window seems to always reset back to the default size and is quite annoying to constantly be changing the size of the window to have more room / see what I am doing.

If anyone else has noticed if I move the window to far open to the right or left the left-hand side automatically collapses to be non-readable and is also annoying to open that back up constantly.

Is there any type of solution to this or have I just missed the settings for this?

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You might try closing the designer, deleting the .layout file(s) in the .ignition directory under your user profile, then relaunching.

I've definitely noticed this behavior when using the designer in a windows 10 environment. When opening component scripting, the window has to be resized to make the apply button visible, and often, adjusting the window size to the point where the apply button is visible causes the folder browser to collapse to a point where the event handlers become inaccessible. To make matters worse, the collapsed browser area can't be drug open all the way without adjusting the overall window size even wider.

Here is a video that demonstrates the issue:


This is happening to me on regular basis...

Is this a Windows scaling thing? Ive never had this issue. What are your guys' windows scaling? I always have mine at 100%

I never deviate from 100% either. It causes too many problems, but I've always had that problem on at least six separate windows 10 PCs

My scaling is also always on 100%...

Hi @nminchin

My windows scaling is at 100%

This demonstrates exactly what I am talking about, I am going to attempt what @PGriffith suggested but this is a good video show casing what I am explaining.

Good morning @PGriffith,

I removed all the. layout files from my user profiles .ignition directory and the problem persists. Exactly how @justinedwards.jle depicted in the video he showcases.

Interesting. No other windows have similar behavior, just component scripting in Vision?
You said Windows 10 and 100% scaling - do you have multiple monitors, or just one? What's your exact screen resolution? We can try to replicate in house.

Yes Windows 10 and 100% scaling, I have 2 monitors as well, screen resolution is 1920x1080 for both. I have not tested every window with any sort of methodology but assume there's others that do this.

It happens for us in single monitor and multimonitor systems. I have a vm system as well that also exhibits this behavior. I've gotten so used to it that the resizing act has become reflexive. I hardly notice the problem anymore, but it's always there.