Connecting DNP3 Device First Time - No ports opening

Im setting up a test DNP3 device without a fixed IP address on the remote side. That device has an private IP.

What Im trying is to get that device to communicate with the DNP3 Master (Ignition) but I can see that port 20000 doesnt even open on the local machine on ignition

Does ignition act as a DNP3 master and open 20000? Or can it?

Funny you should ask in this week:

TL/DR: No.

It does act as a Master, but only as an initiating endpoint. Is this a coincidence or are you somehow related to the post Phil linked?

BTW, does DNP3 really use the terminology "master" for what typical protocols call slaves? Servers==slaves==listeners and clients==masters==initiators for pretty much everything out there that doesn't use a rendezvous point (like MQTT brokers).

No, it doesn't. But it has this poorly defined concept of "dual endpoints" or reverse connect, where what is otherwise still the master accepts the TCP connection instead of initiating it.

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Thanks all...yes possibly related to linked too.... I would think we would need the "server" / "master" listening for incomming connections but thats not happening so might have to look at different product....its never straight forward!