Connecting Kepserver to Ignition OPC Server

I am having issue connecting to the Ignition OPC Server, I am trying to connect so I can manipulate some tags externally from Ignition.

So far I have the OPC sever set up as default except for "Expose Tag Providers" = true

Everything is running on localhost, when I browse the discovery address from kepserver I can find it client loaded in kepserver. Using default security, username/password.

However I cannot browse tags to add to the kepserver client
Level Source Event
Error OPC UA Client Ignition | Channel failed to connect. | Status = 'Timeout trying to perform the operation.'

I can browse tag providers in the gateway quick client and the loop-back connection is working correctly.

Any suggestions would help thanks!

Kepware’s client has long been broken such that you need to configure Ignition’s OPC UA server to allow unsecured connections.

In the Ignition OPC UA Server settings area you can set the Security Policies to None, Basic256Sha256. You’ll also have to set the Bind Address to if Kepware is running on another machine because Ignition’s server only listens on localhost by default. These changes require a restart to take effect.



That sorted it, I had seen something similar on some other threads and thought I had tried that, but I guess I didn't restart or was a different combinations of things.

PS: great response time!