Connecting to a 1769-L30ER PLC through a 5069-L320ER PLC

I am trying to access an AB PLC 1769-L30ER (PLCB) compact logix processor on network 2 through a new AB PLC 5069-L320ER (PLCA) dual network processor. I am not sure if this is possible via connection path in Ignition.

Ignition is connected to PLCA via port A1 on network 1. PLCB is connected to PLCA via port A2 on network 2. Is it possible for Ignition to access PLCB using the connection path field?

It’s probably going to be similar to one of the paths discussed in this thread.

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This is exactly what I am looking for. Has this path format been confirmed to work? I just tried it and it did not work. Perhaps I have something else configured incorrectly.

My mistake. The path 4,192.168.X.X,1,0 works! I had a space between the commas and digits.

Thanks for your assistance.