Connecting to Mitsubishi

Hello all
I am trying to connect my Mitsubishi Q26UDVCPU to Ignition V7.7. I am looking for help on the correct port settings using with Modbus TCP driver.


Do you have a user manual?

Yeah. I am no Mitsubishi expert and have searched through multiple user manuals supplied and they say nothing of this. Talked to tech support and they were not very helpful. Just hoping someone out there has done this already.

Are you sure it can even talk Modbus?

I am not 100%, but I have seen other post in the forum of people using Ignition with Mitsubishi.

It was a stretch for using my Google-fu (my Japanese is rust-- okay, non-existent), but it looks like you’ll need one of these for MODBUS TCP

QJ71MT91 Module

Ok thank you


The QJ71MT91 module has to be programmed, it is not a trival task.

I would suggest using either MXOPC or somthing like Kepware to configure an OPC connection and connect directly to the CPU or a network card, you will find is much simpler.

Thank you for the advise. Much appreciated.

Hi @onestank , a Blast from the past. Did you where able to connect this PLCs to KepserverEx? or Ignition? I have the same mitsubishi PLC’s and trying to get them connected to Ignition.

Hi. I was unsuccessful directly connecting. I ended up using an redline data converter to talk to an Allen Bradley PLC and then to Ignition.

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Mitsubishi Q series aren’t too difficult to add to Kepware. If you have the QJ71E71-100 Ethernet module you’ll have to open up a port on that through the settings. In Kepware This is what you’ll have to put in for the ID:


in the format of IPAddress:Network Number:Station Number

Under Communication Parameters you’ll match the port number to what you used when you open the port in the QJ71 card:


QJ71E71-100 Settings:


The second opened port is for connecting via GXWorks software through the Ethernet port.

Thank you @Duffanator for the info and good explanation. I did came across this Ethernet Card, the current setup does not have this card, and also minimize cost I was looking in to connecting to the same network protocol that the HMI uses, which I thought Kepserverex was going to be able to connect.