Mitsubishi Q-Series PLC

I would like to connect 2x Q-Series Q03UDECPU PLCs to an Ignition implementation. Neither of the racks have an Ethernet module, only the port on the CPU itself. I’ve found a few threads with various options, I’d like to confirm a few things:

  • Ignition Driver - in development but not available yet. Last update in 2019

  • Kepware Mitsubishi Ethernet Driver - Says in the description that it is for use with the Ethernet module cards, however several forum posters seem to have it working using the CPU on board ethernet, as well as this Kepware KB article says its possible. The manual (p4) also states the onboard port can be used without much further explanation.

  • MX-OPC - Mitsubishi OPC-DA Server. Not clear if this can communicate over onboard Ethernet port or if an additional module is required. May have benefit of not requiring additional PLC cards?

So look like Kepware (or Matrikon has a similar mitsubishi driver) is going to be the way to go unless there is some change in status on the an Ignition device driver? May have answered my own question here but welcome any input in case I’ve missed something. Thanks.

Some other threads where I gathered info from:

I’d go with Kepware right now. Our driver got sidelined while we finish the 61850 driver and if you can avoid dealing with OPC Classic (COM/DCOM/DA) you absolutely should.

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