Copy and paste a single row in the dataset viewer

Maybe I’m missing something here, but any time I edit a dataset tag or property it’s very inefficient because there is no way to copy and paste a single row in the Dataset Viewer. So my only option is to add a new row (which is completely blank) and then copy the contents of each individual cell from an existing row and then paste one by one into each cell in the new row. Gets really time consuming if you have more than a couple rows to add.

I’ve tried copying the entire dataset and pasting into excel or notepad, but any edits I make won’t copy back into the designer. It’s like the clipboard in the designer is a one way street.

What am I doing wrong?

You aren’t doing anything wrong. The dataset editor is not great. It’s on our list to improve, but as you might imagine, the list isn’t short!

Dataset editor improvements will be welcome. Meanwhile, copy from dataset into a text editor (like Notepad) and then copy and paste back into data set works in 7.7 (EDIT: that should have read 7.6 - thanks Greg) (and possibly earlier). Notepad is not exactly a tabular editor, but you can copy and paste as much or little as you want to while editing in text form.


Do you mean in Ignition 7.6?

Hey Greg, I guess I’m getting ahead of things in anticipation :slight_smile:. Copy and paste with text editor was in Ignition 7.6.

The ability to copy and paste (preferably with standard keyboard shortcuts) a row or rows in the dataset viewer would be handly. Paste should occur after the currently selected row at time of paste as is standard in most software. I haven’t used huge datasets and have found the text editor option reasonable. My biggest annoyance in this and most fields is the strange selection behaviour in fields.

Moving topic to feature requests.