Correct way to move tags from one tag provider to another?

I have created a new tag provider to allow me to apply security to all the tags in that group (to prevent accidental deletion, etc.)


  1. What is the correct way to move tags from the default provider to a new one?
  2. Are the tags available to other users?
  3. In the default provider (or any other one) individual tags can have security settings applied. Is there a way to do this with a UDT (other than setting it for each element of the UDT)?

(I asked a more complicated version of this question but it didn’t get a response yet. Maybe this is clearer?)


As follow-up:

  1. Correct in what sense? They can be dragged and dropped if you wanted to, cut and paste, exported and re-imported. But in each case the underlying UDTs and scan classes have to be moved over as well to make sure everything keeps working as expected.
  2. Other users who are using the designer?
  3. Do you mean locking the UDT so it cannot have it’s individual elements removed or changed?


Thanks, Matt.

  1. I solved the problem when I realised that I hadn’t copied the scan class into the new tag provider. I now see that you pointed that out to me in your point 1 but I missed the significance when I first read it.
  2. Yes. Does securing my tag provider prevent others from using them in their projects or just prevent them from changing them?
  3. Now that my tag provider is working I don’t need an answer to my question 3.

Problem solved.