Database password change broke connection

I changed the username and password for our database connection. Immediately the connection faulted and now ignition and the database won’t communicate, pretty much breaking our project.

I don’t know the old password or else I would just change it back. Why did this happen? Anyone know how I can fix it?

Why wouldn’t this happen?

If you have a recent backup you could restore it. Otherwise you need to figure out the old username and password or configure the database so that it accepts whatever you used as the new username and password.

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Yeah I figured out how to fix it and was about to delete my question.

But dude, no need to be pretentious. I am trying to learn on the job while doing lots of other things. Don’t just assume everyone knows what you know and is stupid if they don’t. Mistakes and misunderstandings happen when learning something new. If you hop onto a forum to help people who have questions - that probably means you have knowledge they don’t. So just share that knowledge without trying to make yourself feel like a god by putting others down. It’s childish

You just threw shade on one of the most helpful IA employees on this forum (if not the most helpful). His comment was not childish at all. It expressed some shock that anyone would do that on what apparently is a production system and not expect those results.


{ And why are you “learning” on a production system? }


We both know the comment was intended to make me feel stupid for making the mistake, right? It would turn someone new off of asking a question for fear of looking like an idiot and getting embarrassed. We are a small company, someone implemented ignition here a long time ago and we are just trying to figure it out until we can take a class and learn more. I had taken a gateway backup. I don’t have anywhere else to “learn”.

Sure you do, on a completely separate box isolated from the production system.


Okay everyone I didn’t mean to make myself public enemy #1. I just felt frustrated because I’m new and it seemed rude. Thanks to those that gave advice on where I can learn without affecting my production system, I will definitely take that into account :+1:


No, we don’t. I didn’t read it that way. { Kevin is an IA employee, so cannot really defend himself here. I’m not, so I don’t feel inhibited defending him. }

That’s good.

Ignition has a resettable two-hour trial mode. Heavily promoted all over their website. Set it up on another box. Don’t touch your production system until you have a clue.

You imputed rudeness where none existed and were yourself rude.

I’ll stop here.


There, there… This was just a bad day. Today will be better.