'Demo Expired' on Historical Provider

I am running Ignition Maker Edition version: 8.1.2 (b2021020311). I have added a MariaDB database connection which is in Valid state. However, under Tags -> Historical Providers, this database connection has Errored status. Details say “Demo Expired”.

Are Historical Providers not included with Maker Edition? I enabled history for a couple of Tags, but nothing is being written to the database.

I just checked my Maker setup (also on 8.1.2) and I see the same message under the Status->Tags->Historical Providers section. However, I’m definitely getting historical data into my DB. Not only are my charts working, but manual inspection of row counts in the DB also show growth.

Make sure that the tags you’ve enabled for History also have an assigned Historical Provider (instead of the blank default setting).

Definitely something to follow-up on though, it shouldn’t be showing “Demo”—tag history is definitely supported under Ignition Maker… Hopefully it is just a mis-label.

You are right - I had not assigned a Historical Provider to my tags. Data is being saved to database now. Thanks.