Detect wrong template references

Apparently, in 7.9, it used to be possible to include a project-specific template into a global template.

When upgrading to 8.0, this makes the templates unavailable.

I realise this isn’t good practice, and it’s not done on purpose, but rather a leftover from older projects (before the global scope).

However, I wonder if there’s an easy way to detect all cases where this happened, and correct them manually.

I’d say this is still possible, and now it actually does make sense. Simply put a “blank” template into the parent project, and then override it in your child project(s). It think that should do what you’re trying to do, unless I’ve misunderstood the question.

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I already accepted that it won’t work, and was just looking for ways to detect the problems.

But that’s actually a nice solution. Great, I’ll be using that :slight_smile:

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