Devices on Redundant gateway


I’m running into something strange about devices in my redundant gateway :
Most of the devices in my master gateway are not in the redundant one (35 on State/Devices view for master, 18 for redundancy). Some says “N/A” for the status in the configuration, the others are not there at all. Note that we just upgraded to 7.9.9 the redundancy, and just before gateway restart, there were even fewer devices.
Of course, I can’t add them manually because “Cannot modify settings on the backup redundant gateway”.
Everything else about redundancy is fine (databases, alarming journal,…).
Is there something I’m missing ? I Checked in OPC-UA settings, an tried changing the Backup Endpoint Address without changes.


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Is your backup gateway missing some of the driver modules?

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No, they’re exactly the same (except now redundancy is in .9.9).

Edit : We’re are updating the master now. Is it normal the force failover doesn’t work ? After stopping the master gateway, it was saying that redundancy was uncompatible, but still switched. Note that restarting the redundacy gateway is really slow (like 10mn). I begin to think there is something else in this (both servers have the same processor/RAM).

Here’s a screenshot of both overviews if it can help.



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