Direct connection to Allen Bradley 1734-AENTR

Has anyone directly connected to an Allen Bradley 1734-AENTR using the opc-ua browser? I made the connection using the TCP driver and 44818 as the port. It is connected but i am not sure how to pull the values of the I/O.

You won’t be able to connect to this directly, you’ll have to pull the I/O points into a regular Logix processor and access them that way.

edit: or Phil’s driver! :wink:

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You cannot use the TCP driver. You must use an Ethernet/IP driver. Like this one. Available for purchase here. You can see a sample configuration for a 1734-AENT in this forum topic.

Although I bumped the driver status to “released” with version 1.0.1, I haven’t been publicizing it as I want to finish the configuration pages in the Designer – much easier to use than the gateway web pages.

I announced version 1.0.2 of this driver over in this topic.