Disable propagation for "Escape" key in keyboard events

As shown in the image below, we are trying to execute actions within a perspective table. The edit and delete actions work as expected and so I assume there should be no problem related to the focus. However, pressing the esacpe key propagates to other components on the screen, including the perspective tree component (its selection property gets reset).

Is there a way to stop this propagation or what am I missing? I've read a post talking about disabling the escape actions for the whole session, but this is not exactly what we would want (How would I disable a popup in Perspective from closing from the escape key?)

Using Ignition 8.1.27 and running in Edge 118.0.2088.61

I think there are some keys you can't "interrupt" because they fulfill important requirements. For example, the Escape key must always be available and not be interrupted because a user must be able to escape from UI within the session. Consider a full-screen session (within or outside of Perspective) - a user MUST be able to leave full-screen mode, and this would be impossible if the Escape key were interrupted.