Docker Volumes for Persistent Gateway Data

I saw that Ignition has a docker image on docker hub ( . Looks nice for testing possibly but was wondering if you can setup volumes to persist Gateway data? And also wouldn’t mind testing with Kubernetes if possible.

I know that kcollins has an image as well ( ) and recommends mounting here /var/lib/ignition/data . Would this also be the same for the inductiveautomation/ignition image?

Not quite - on the official images, the entire service is installed to /usr/local/bin/ignition, rather than the ‘exploded’ path we used in previous versions - so the equivalent path would be /usr/local/bin/ignition/data. Not that Ignition as a whole has some limitations with single volume persistence like this; backing up the /data directory will capture the internal database and projects, which is 90% of what you would want to restore, but it does omit any custom JDBC driver files, modules or Python libraries you’ve installed (all of which are in ${install dir}/user-lib/).

That sounds good, thank you! I’ll give it a shot :slight_smile: