Does Gateway backup not store Web server port number?

I just noticed something which surprised me a lot.
I have ignition edge with configured web server port 8089, then i restored a backup from site where webserver port was 8088. After restoring the gateway backup webserver port persists as 8089?
Is it desired behaviour?
What other settings on the gateway are persistent?

I haven't seen that. Recent change?

i just repeated that experiment
i was using ege 8.1.21 set up web server port as 1234 then restored the backup which had 8088 port but original port 1234 did persist in the gateway after restore. Bug?

Maybe. IA may have done it deliberately--losing the connection during restore has always been annoying.

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oh yes that could be the reason.

Possibly related to this;

Although that does say upgrade not restore

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