Dropdown handling via Selenium WebDriver

Is there a way how to open a dropdown and select an item using Selenium WebDriver and Python? Could you write an example? DomID used.

If you are leveraging the ignition-automation-tools repo that we have made available, then you would do something like the following:

from Components.PerspectiveComponents.Inputs.Dropdown import Dropdown

_DROPDOWN_LOCATOR = (By.ID, 'a464....')
_option = '{option you want selected}'

_dropdown = Dropdown(locator=_DROPDOWN_LOCATOR, driver=driver)

To allow your repo to work with ours, you would leverage the PYTHONPATH environment variable when running the test. The syntax would look like (assuming a Linux based OS):

export PYTHONPATH={Path to your Python Test}:{Path to the ignition-automation-tools workspace}


export PYTHONPATH=/PycharmProjects/ExampleFramework/TestSuite:/git/ignition-automation-tools



Thank you a lot. It really looks pretty time-saving!

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Hi, is there a plan to publish this library in PiPY so one can install it with pip into a project?

Not at this time, no - although the only real obstacle is probably our regular workload. We'll look into what might need to be done for this to determine feasibility.

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