Dropdown Height

i’m looking for a way to increase the height of the dropdown menu in Perspective: I have a list of 90 object and currently the dropdown it’s displaying just 4 that makes the dropdown difficult to use.
I saw that this can be achieved modifing the css files, in this topic, but ?'m not a web developer and looking at the project backup I can’t find any css files.
Can this be achieved directly in the Designer now? Where can I find the css files?

The theme.css is found in the theme module i think. i’ve not really used it.
You can also inject it in a style class which will still work on every dropdown.
If you arent used to css or dont not really gonna use it that often this should work for now.

}.iaDropdownCommon_options_modal {  max-height: 300px;  }{

(300px or whatever you wish, 150px is standard atm)

more info i posted here:


Thanks a lot, that worked.
As you said I created a Style called Dropdown_Tall with the BackgroundImage property as }.iaDropdownCommon_options_modal { max-height: 300px; }{ and just selected it as the dropdown Style.

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Choosing it as dropdown style has no effect.
The way this css works will cause it to apply to all dropdowns in the project. No matter what styleclass they have. So you dont have to apply it to any of them specifically :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks for the explanation :slightly_smiling_face:

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God dayum, I’ve been looking for this for ages! Thanks

Update: you can also use other units, most usefully % e.g.
.iaDropdownCommon_options_modal { max-height: 80%; }