Easy Chart Datapoints

Ignition 7.5.6 beta 2

I currently have an easy chart set up showing a single integer tag I am logging from a PLC.

The tag history for the tag is setup the following way
history provider = processdb
historical scanclass = default historical ( 1000ms)
historical deadband = 0
max time between records = unlimited
value mode = discrete
timestamp source = system

My easy chart is set up the following way
chartmode = realtime
Realtime range
Unit Count = 5
Unit = Minute
Tag History resolution = Varies for experiment

When I run the chart and caputure 5 minutes worth of data and my tag
history resolution= -1. I then hit the save data for excel button to save
the datapoints in the trend to excel. When I open up excel i see my data
nice and neat in 1sec increments for 5 minutes.

Back in ignition if I then set the tag resolution to say 5 and save to excel. If i then open up excel I see 10 data caputures. How is this possible when I only said I want 5 captured data points.
What I dont understand further is how come I see different data captured for a single date/hour/minute/second when that is physically impossible because because
I am only capturing data every second.
T_stamp= 7:46:50AM Integer=2686
T_Stamp= 7:46:50AM Integer=29692

I am very confused.
My goal is to be able to save the data to excel in minute increments. 7:46, 7:47, 7:48, 7:49 etc.

The reason you are getting two points for every one is because you have the Min/Max aggregation mode setup for each tag on the easy chart. When you say you only want 5 data points we have to bring back the min and max values. If you don’t like that you can change the aggregation mode by editing each pen in the customizer to something else like closest value or time-weighted average.