Email alarming not working

I have configured the alarm notification profile, and the pipeline in designer…like it is in the user manual…but I still can t get an email when an alarm occurs… Some ideas to make it done?

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Have you configured your smtp server, etc. on the gateway and tested to confirm your configuration is working?

This is what i have configured…

Go to the gateway logs and see what’s being logged when the pipeline attempts to send the email out. (Status -> Diagnostics -> Logs)

Only when i set this from no to yes

I get this in logs… Otherwise…nothing

In the past I’ve had some experiences with email alarms where they would work against some SMTP servers, but with other SMTP servers they wouldn’t work unless I set up an actual SMTP Profile in Ignition and used that, rather than just entering the info into Email Settings.

On the other hand, maybe I just entered the info wrong into Email Settings, and entering the info again to make the SMTP profile forced me to rethink it and do it right.

I am seeing this when the tag is within a Data Type (UDT). When I replicated the tag outside of the UDT it worked…

did you find a solution?

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